Mattresses for back pain

Are you suffering from chronic back pains? In late adulthood, many people suffer from back aches, especially spinal problems. Why back pain occurs? It’s due to overworking, lifting heavy objects, improver backpack and wrong sleeping position. Many people need extensive treatment. Physicians always recommend sleeping on a proper mattress. Yes, your mattress is one of the main reasons behind your back pains. If you are sleeping on a very old mattress, say, 10 years. This can because you lower back problems, soreness as well as spinal problems.

Back pains are chronic, it takes time for them to relieve. You spend one-third of your life sleeping. A comfortable sleep has a deep impact on your mental and physical health. If you don’t get a quality sleep you feel uncomfortable, irritated the entire day. Different types of mattresses help to give relieve from back aches. Symptoms of back aches are, numbness, shooting pain in one leg or leg weakening. So what is the best firm mattress for back pain?

People who suffer from back aches, should prefer firm mattress over soft mattresses. A moderate firm mattress is recommended by physicians as they don’t sag or compress with your body movements. Some mattresses help to keep your spine in alignment. Another reason of back pains like disc problems can be your sleeping positions. If you are sleeping on your stomach then you should opt for a firm mattress, or keep a pillow under stomach. Or if you lie on your back, put a pillow under your knees, to provide support to your leg.

Next is to find a mattress that is supportive, that provides support to your back while sleeping at night. Innerspring mattress provides enough support with its steel-coil system and is also firm.  A supportive mattress keeps your spine align and provides support.